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Tufayel Ali (BSc RHAD) Audiologist

Tufayel Ali (BSc RHAD)

Tufayel started his career within audiology working for the NHS in the South West of England. After graduating, he spent two years as locum working across several NHS hospitals, during which time he was able to gain valuable experience across a wide range of audiology services.

Tufayel also had the opportunity to work in several private practices as Audiologist & Clinical Lead. He has also been able to share his knowledge and expertise with student audiologists and hearing care assistants as a clinical educator.

Having recently moved to the Midlands to be closer to his family, Tufayel has since joined The Hearing Care Partnership so he can offer his patients the best possible care.

“I take pride in my role as an audiologist and take great satisfaction when I have made a positive difference in the lives of my patients.” Outside of work, Tufayel devotes most of his time to the gym and keeping fit, valuing both his health and mental well-being. He enjoys spending his free time in the company of friends and family, as well as spending a lot of time outdoors going on hikes and exploring new places.

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