Completely In Canal Hearing Aids

Another style of custom aid, Completely In Canal (CIC) hearing aids are small aids that sit inside your ear canal.

Completely-in-canal hearing aid.

What is a Completely In Canal Hearing Aid?

The completely in canal hearing aid is a custom option that sits at the entrance of the ear canal. Despite their small size these aids are packed full of amazing technology, which makes them a fantastic choice for those who have mild to moderate hearing loss.

How do Completely In Canal Hearing Aids work?

Sound naturally travels down the outer ear canal where it then meets your CIC hearing aid. This then processes and amplifies the sounds before sending them down to your eardrum.

Things to consider

  • Discreet – Much like other custom aids, the size of the CIC hearing aid means that they are virtually unnoticeable
  • Automation – Usually the hearing aid is automatic in how it works so there are no manual adjustments to be made
  • Comfort – These aids are made using impressions of your ear canal which allows for a comfortable, customised fit
  • Dexterity – This should be considered with this style of aid as parts and batteries are small and require regular changing
  • Bluetooth – Due to the discretion and size of these hearing aids, bluetooth connectivity is not available

Your Audiologist will be able to help you decide what style of hearing aid is best suited to your hearing loss and needs.