Online Hearing Test

Worried about your hearing? Take our 5-minute free online hearing test to find out about your hearing health.

Aman at a desk with headphones on.

What is an Online Hearing Test?

An online hearing test is a great way to check your hearing health quickly.

How it works

Our online hearing test will play you a series of different sounds at different pitches. You’ll use the slider to change the volume to indicate the very quietest sounds you can hear. Where you stop the slider will determine your hearing levels.

Get a full assessment

Then, depending on what the results indicate, and if needed, you can book an appointment for a full hearing assessment, to delve more deeply into your hearing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our online hearing test will provide a good indicator of your hearing health. To make it as accurate as possible, we recommend taking the test using headphones in a quiet setting. Of course, the online test won’t be able to give you a medical diagnosis but it’s a great guide to help you decide whether to book a full free hearing assessment with our expert audiologists, using the latest technology.

Are you noticing others speaking unclearly? Feel at times listening takes more effort? Accuse others of mumbling? Have music louder than you normally would? Missing key parts of conversations? Well, don’t worry, you’re not alone. According to the RNID, 40% of people over 50 suffer from some kind of hearing loss.

At THCP, we’re here to help. Take our online hearing test for a good indicator of your hearing health. Or book an appointment for a full and free assessment at your local practice.