In the Canal Hearing Aids

In the Canal (ITC) hearing aids are custom-moulded to fit securely inside your ear canal. Despite their discreet appearance, their size and custom shell makes them easy to maintain, fit and remove.

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What are In the Canal Hearing Aids?

In The Canal hearing aids are custom-made to fit your ear shape. They sit in the lower part of the entrance to the ear canal. ITC hearing aids are more noticeable from outside than a CIC or IIC aid which sit further down the ear canal, but are more discreet than the larger ITE aids.

How do ITC hearing aids work?

Sound waves are picked up by the microphone on the outer exposed part of ITC hearing aids, which is then converted into electrical signals. A microchip within the aid processes these signals and sends them on to an amplifier, which boosts them and transmits them to a loudspeaker that faces into the ear canal, enabling the wearer to hear the sound.

Benefits of ITC Hearing Aids

  • Comfortable – In The Canal hearing aids are custom-moulded to fit perfectly to your ear, so they sit securely and are extremely comfortable.
  • Discreet – No part of ITC hearing aids is over or behind the ear and they are available in colours to match skin tones, so although they are visible from the outside, they are still very discreet.
  • Less wind noise – As they sit just inside your ear and are therefore less exposed,, In The Canal hearing aids are less likely to pick up unwanted sound such as wind noise.
  • Easy to use – While they’re discreet, the size of ITC hearing aids means that, unlike some smaller in-canal aids, they are not too fiddly to maintain, fit and remove.

Cost of ITC hearing aids

The cost of ITC hearing aids can vary hugely according to the level of technology that is inside, with prices for a pair of aids ranging from less than £2,000 to over £5,000 as part of our complete Hearing Care Packages

Why not book an appointment with your local audiologist for more information on the costs of the specific technology you are interested in?

Completely in Canal vs In the Canal Hearing Aids

The main differences between Completely In Canal and In The Canal hearing aids stem from their size and position in your ear. CIC hearing aids are very small and sit almost entirely within your ear canal, which means they are less visible than ITC aids. 

However, CIC aids can only accommodate smaller batteries than ITC hearing aids due to their smaller shell size, which therefore have shorter battery life. Their smaller size also means they cannot provide a lot of power to support more severe losses, and they can be challenging to handle for those with dexterity issues. 

ITC Hearing Aids FAQs

Most In The Canal hearing aids are now available with Bluetooth. This means you can personalise your settings via an external device, and even stream music and video from another Bluetooth-compatible device, such as your smartphone.

A few manufacturers are now starting to offer rechargeable ITC hearing aids. However, the majority still run on single-use batteries that need to be replaced regularly. 

ITC hearing aids offer the comfort and discretion that comes with a custom-fitted in-canal aid, with less of the compromises on battery life and power that the very smallest (IIC and CIC) aids have. This means they can be suitable for more severe losses than smaller in-canal models, while still being relatively discreet. However, they can still be more fiddly to use than Behind The Ear hearing aids, and may not fit all ear shapes. Find out more about Which Hearing Aids Are Right For You.

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Choose the right ITC hearing aids for you

If you think ITC hearing aids might be a good choice for you, why not book a free hearing aid review at your local hearing centre?

Our expert audiologist will discuss your lifestyle needs and personal preferences, carry out a free assessment to check your current hearing levels and help you find your most suitable hearing aids. To book, call us on 0800 52 00 546 or click below to book online.

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