Invisible hearing aids

Small and mighty, Invisible In Canal (IIC) hearing aids pack some of the world’s most incredible hearing technology into one tiny shell. They are the most discreet hearing aids available today.

Invisible-in-canal hearing aid.

What are invisible hearing aids?

When we talk about invisible hearing aids, we are usually referring to IIC (Invisible In Canal) hearing aids. Rather than sitting behind your ear like a more traditional aid, invisible hearing aids are instead positioned deeper inside the ear canal in comparison to other In The Ear models. This makes them all but invisible from the outside.

IIC aids are the smallest, most discreet hearing aids available, usually made with a custom shell to ensure they sit comfortably in your ear canal. The second smallest type are CIC hearing aids.

Why choose invisible hearing aids

  • Discreet – Small and designed to sit deep inside your ear canal, you can wear them in all sorts of settings without anyone noticing they are there.
  • Comfortable – Their custom-moulded shell is perfectly tailored to the shape of your ear canal to deliver all-day comfort.
  • Clarity of sound – As they sit deeper In The Ear canal, invisible hearing aids transmit sound vibrations more accurately, and can also be less prone to whistling or feedback than more traditional aids.
  • Easy to use – Running on the latest automated operating systems, there’s no need to raise your hand to your ear to adjust any settings.

Our range of invisible hearing aids

We do offer Invisible In Canal hearing aids. However, their suitability depends on several factors such as the severity of the hearing loss, the shape of the ear, and the specific technology preferences of the patient.

Therefore, it’s best to schedule an appointment with one of our Audiologists for a thorough assessment and personalised recommendation.

Choose the right invisible hearing aids for you

If you think invisible hearing aids might be a good choice for you, why not book a free hearing aid review at your local hearing centre?

Our expert audiologist will discuss your lifestyle needs and personal preferences, carry out a free assessment to check your current hearing levels and help you find your most suitable hearing aids. To book, call us on 0800 52 00 546 or click below to book online.


Our invisible hearing aids are available to purchase as part of our Hearing Care Packages, which include all your follow-up checks, consumables (such as batteries) and ongoing support. Your audiologist will help you find the most suitable package for your needs. You may also wish to spread the cost of your new aids, interest-free, with our Hear Now, Pay Later payment plan.

Invisible hearing aids work discreetly by utilising a single microphone and battery power. They’re cleverly positioned deep within the ear canal, ensuring high-quality sound delivery without drawing attention.

Absolutely. Our discreet hearing aids are crafted with your comfort in mind. They feature a lightweight design and a custom-moulded outer shell, ensuring a snug fit in your ear canal. This makes them virtually undetectable by you or anyone else, providing exceptional comfort throughout your day.

Typically, the battery lifespan of small hearing aids range from a few days to a week, varying based on your usage and the specific model you choose. On average, expect around 4 to 5 days of continuous use before needing to recharge or replace the battery.

While the small size of invisible hearing aids is fantastic for discretion, those who struggle with dexterity may find them difficult to use. Their size also means they are not as powerful as more traditional aids, so are not always suitable for more severe losses. Due to the fact there is restricted room in the shell and it sits inside your ear, their features also tend to be far more limited than other hearing aid styles, so they cannot offer as much support with sound directionality or connectivity with other devices.