In The Ear Hearing Aids

In The Ear Full Shell hearing aids are the largest of the custom-moulded styles of hearing aid, designed to fit your ears perfectly. They are available in different power levels depending on your needs.

In-the-ear hearing aid.

What are In The Ear Hearing Aids?

In The Ear hearing aids, also known as Full Shell aids, sit with the inner half of the aid in the ear canal and the outer half filling the all outer part of the ear. They are a custom fitted aid, based on impressions taken by your audiologist. 

ITE vs BTE Hearing Aids

In The Ear hearing aids fit very differently to Behind The Ear hearing aids. While ITE aids are custom-moulded to sit inside the bowl of your ear, BTE aids are worn behind your ear, with a thin tube that connects the device to an earpiece or mould in your ear canal. 

ITE vs ITC Hearing Aids

ITE hearing aids and ITC hearing aids are similar in that they are both custom-moulded solutions, but the distinct difference between them is size.  ITE aids completely fill the outer ear, while ITC aids are smaller and are only partially visible in the outer ear, making them a little more discreet.

How do In The Ear hearing aids work?

The processor of the hearing aid is held in the main body that sits within the ear. The microphone that picks up external sound is installed on the face plate. Due to the larger face plate size compared to in-canal hearing aids providing more space, ITE aids often have dual microphones, which helps with identifying where a sound is coming from. The sound is then processed through the aid and transmitted directly into the ear.

Benefits of ITE hearing aids

  • Comfortable – In The Ear hearing aids are custom-moulded to fit perfectly to your ear, so they sit securely and are extremely comfortable.
  • Connectivity – ITE hearing aids are less restricted in size than smaller in-canal aids, so they can house Bluetooth technology to support direct audio streaming.
  • Powerful – Due to their larger shell, ITE hearing aids can offer more powerful amplification than other CIC or IIC aids, as well as more microphones to help with sound directionality.
  • Easy to use – The larger size of ITE hearing aids means that, unlike some smaller in-canal aids, they are not too fiddly to maintain, fit and remove.

Choose the right ITE hearing aids for you

If you think ITE hearing aids might be a good choice for you, why not book a free hearing aid review at your local hearing centre?

Our expert audiologist will discuss your lifestyle needs and personal preferences, carry out a free assessment to check your current hearing levels and help you find your most suitable hearing aids. To book, call us on 0800 52 00 546 or click below to book online.

In-The-Ear Hearing Aid FAQs

The biggest disadvantage of In The Ear hearing aids is that they are larger and more conspicuous than other smaller in-canal hearing aids.

ITE hearing aids are as straightforward to clean and maintain as other aids. The shell can be wiped with a cloth, the microphone ports brushed out and the wax filters should be changed regularly.

An ITE hearing aid can be removed either by gripping the shell (which is usually easier with bigger aids), or by using the extraction cord that is normally fitted to all In The Ear hearing aids.

The cost of ITe hearing aids can vary hugely according to the level of technology that is inside, with prices for a pair of aids  ranging from less than £2,000 to over £5,000 as part of our complete Hearing Care Packages.

Why not book an appointment with your local audiologist for more information on the costs of the specific technology you are interested in?