In The Ear hearing aids

In the ear (ITE) hearing aids are moulded to the shape of your own ears, they are the biggest custom product available and come in different strengths depending on your needs.

In-the-ear hearing aid.

What is an In The Ear hearing aid?

ITE aids are worn with half sitting in the bowl of the ear and half in the ear canal and are custom fit, based on an impression that is taken by your Audiologist at the time of your hearing aid consultation.

How do In The Ear hearing aids work?

All the workings are contained in the ear and the microphones of the hearing aid are installed on the face plate, along with microphones (in most cases, dual microphones are used to help with the ability to identify where a sound is coming from).
The sound is then transmitted directly into the ear.

Things to consider

  • Comfort – In The Ear hearing aids are custom fit to your ear so they are a very comfortable choice!
  • Discretion – as no part of the aid is over the ear and they can come in many different colours, it is possible to wear hearing aids without looking like hearing aids!
  • Connectivity – Can be paired with many phones for direct audio streaming
  • Amplification – You will not get the same level of amplification as you would with Receiver In The Ear or BTE hearing aids, so for more severe losses these aids aren’t usually recommended
  • Rechargeabilty – ITE hearing aids can be either battery operated or rechargeable
  • Wind noise – ITE models are less likely to pick up wind noise, as they sit inside the ear and are not as exposed as hearing aids outside the ear
  • Easy handling – ITEs are often good for those with dexterity and/or visual issues, due to being easy to handle and place into the ear in the right position

Your Audiologist will be able to help you decide what style of hearing aid is best suited to your hearing loss and needs.