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Putting customers first and striving for ever-more innovative product designs has paid off for Unitron: it has won an array of industry and design award. But above all, it is always on the hunt for new designs and technologies that will make life easier for hearing loss sufferers.

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Unitron Hearing Aids available at The Hearing Care Partnership

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It’s what’s inside that counts

The North Platform is the foundation for all new Unitron hearing aids. This underlying structure, combining both hardware and software, means Unitron hearing aids are both some of the smallest on the market while also offering superb sound performance.

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What’s so good about the North platform?

  • Wide 101dB dynamic range, minimising sound distortion
  • Dual-core processing, aiding and advancing simple tasks
  • Double the memory of the previous platform
  • Seamless feature integration and optimum sound clarity

The innovative technology behind the Unitron North platform lets you enjoy audio again, with impressive sound quality.

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Packed with smart tech to help you hear better

A combination of comfort, natural sound and speech clarity are provided by Unitron hearing aids, enabled by three key features:


Able to identify seven different sound environments, SoundNav automatically identifies your acoustic surroundings and situation, so there’s no need to constantly reprogram your hearing aid – it already knows how to react and adjust. Four of these situations focus on conversation, enabling the user to understand conversations with maximum clarity.

Sound Conductor

Working seamlessly with SoundNav, Sound Conductor balances the audio to provide the most natural listening experience. Consequently, there is no need to manually adjust the settings of your device.

SpeechZone 2

SpeechZone 2 tackles the most difficult listening environments, such as the hustle and bustle of shopping centres or busy restaurants. Using spatial binaural processing, both hearing aids work in tandem detecting speech in 360º. It works automatically when you’re in a noisy environment, letting the wearer hear conversations from any direction.

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