Marta Silva


Marta initially gained her Audiology degree in Portugal, before embarking on a career spanning more than a decade. She worked in Portugal for two years before relocating to the UK. In Liverpool, Marta spent almost five years at a high street provider before transitioning to an independent practice in the city centre, where she dedicated three and a half years to providing exceptional patient care. In 2022, she made the move to Glasgow, where she expanded her expertise into training management, serving as a Clinical Audiologist & Training Manager.

Choosing to work for THCP, Marta was drawn to the opportunity to collaborate with a like-minded team focused on clinical excellence and patient care. She values the emphasis on training for clinicians and likes to contribute her knowledge and skills to benefit patients and colleagues alike. In her new role, she enjoys working with a supportive and empathetic team, dedicated to providing the best possible care.

Outside of work, Marta finds joy in various hobbies, including photography, scuba diving, surfing, fitness activities such as bouldering, and indulging her passion for travel, live music, and concerts.

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