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Ashish, a dedicated audiologist with a profound understanding of the challenges posed by hearing loss, embarked on his journey to make a difference through audiology. His personal experience within a family affected by hearing impairment fueled his passion for this field.

Completing his Audiology BSc at the prestigious University of Manchester over four years, Ashish laid the academic foundation for his mission to improve the lives of individuals dealing with hearing challenges. Upon graduation, he contributed his skills and empathy to the NHS, where he honed his expertise in adult hearing assessment and rehabilitation.

Eager to provide personalised care and make a broader impact, Ashish transitioned to The Hearing Care Partnership. Here, he found the freedom to explore a wider range of cutting-edge technologies, ensuring that he could offer the best solutions to his patients. One of his key priorities is investing time in each patient, allowing for a comprehensive assessment and the development of tailored treatment plans that address unique needs. By using the latest technology, he is able to help minimise the impact of hearing loss on a patient’s quality of life.

Beyond the audiology room, Ashish is an avid football enthusiast, both as a player and spectator as a passionate supporter of Aston Villa. He values spending quality time with his young family, enjoying exploring and imparting knowledge about the world around them. Ashish's culinary interests shine through as he engages his family in the joy of cooking, introducing them to diverse cuisines from around the globe.

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