Hearing Aids and Sports

Author thumbnail Charlotte Jones  |  Published 23 August 2023  | Updated 16 May 2024  | 4 mins read

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Are you a current or prospective hearing aid wearer? Discover everything you need to know about wearing hearing aids during sports. 

Can you play sports with hearing aids?

While some people might believe that wearing hearing aids can limit your physical activities, we’re here to tell you otherwise and help you learn about the fantastic benefits hearing aids have to offer.

Hearing aids enhance all aspects of life, from making conversations more enjoyable to enabling you re-discover the activities you used to love. And the same can be said for hearing aid wearers taking part in sports and keeping an active lifestyle; in fact, in most cases, hearing aids can actually improve your sporting performance by enhancing your hearing levels and improving your focus!

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What is the best style of hearing aids for sports?

All styles of hearing aids are well-equipped to be worn whilst staying active. However, if you take part in particularly fast or high-impact physical activity, such as contact sports, generally we’d recommend removing your aids, so as not to damage them.

Ultimately, the best style of hearing aids for sports is the style best suited for you and your level of loss. This is because hearing aids are first and foremost medical devices, so they need to work to improve your hearing not just when you are playing sports, but all of the time. Your audiologist considers your lifestyle when helping you select the right hearing aids for your needs. So if you’re an avid runner, cyclist, or rugby player, be sure to communicate that to your audiologist so they can ascertain which hearing aid would be most suitable for you.

Tips for playing sports in hearing aids

To ensure you get the most out of your hearing aids, during and after playing sports, here are our top tips: 

Moisture is your hearing aids’ worst enemy, so it’s important that you take the appropriate measures to keep them safe. Avoid wearing them in humid areas like saunas or steam rooms at the gym.

  • Clean your hearing aids after use with the provided cleaning kits, and place them in an electronic dry pot such as the PrueDry Lux, or moisture pot to dry out, especially if there’s any residual sweat. Your audiologist will be able to help get you the right cleaning and drying equipment. 
  • If you participate in any team sports, you should let your teammates know about your hearing aids in case you encounter any issues. 
  • Whilst not using your hearing aids (e.g. while swimming), place them in the provided storage container, in a safe and secure location.
  • After being in the water, ensure your ears are fully dry before reinserting your hearing aids. Use a towel to gently dry the exterior of the ear, avoiding inserting anything into your ear canal.
  • If you regularly play sports in certain environments, speak to your audiologist as they’ll be able to help optimise your settings for the best experience.
  • Contact your audiologist if you experience any issues with your hearing aids.


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Can you swim with hearing aids? 

While most hearing aids are water-resistant (IP68 rated) and suitable for wearing in the rain, they are certainly not waterproof and not designed for swimming. Therefore, we advise all hearing aid wearers to remove their devices and store them in a safe place before taking a dip.

If you forget to take your hearing aids out while you swim then make sure to contact your audiologist as soon as you can.

Sports locks for hearing aids

If you want that extra piece of mind while playing sports, you can use sports locks on receiver-in-the-can style hearing aids to keep them securely in place. These locks attach to your hearing aids and wrap around the outer part of your ear, providing added support for your hearing aid. 

Want to learn more about how hearing aids can help you? 

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