Four places you should wear your ear plugs

Four places you should wear ear plugs

Apr 02, 2018

You always hear people say how nice it is to have some peace and quiet, when all it takes is a pair of the right ear plugs to give you a moments silence at any time! Ear plugs are normally associated with being worn in high-volume situations, but there’s many reasons why ear plugs can come in handy day-to-day. If you’re looking for an easy way to keep your ears healthy, maybe think about wearing ear plugs for some of the following situations:

  • Swimming Swimming is a great way to keep fit or to keep cool in the warmer months. But spending too much time in the water can leave you ears vulnerable to infection, including Swimmers Ear. Swimmers Ear is an infection commonly caused by too much water, or trapped water, in your ear canal which causes redness and discharge from your ear. Custom ear plugs for swimming prevent water from getting in your ears, so you can enjoy swimming without a second thought.
  • For the long-haul Instead of boiled sweets and nasal sprays, why not pop some ear plugs in to stop your ears popping on a flight? Not only do they help reduce the pressure in your ears, but it increases the chances of you catching a couple of hours shut-eye too!
  • Not a moments peace! Whether you live in a bustling town, or sleep next to a chronic snorer, it’s likely you’re one of the around 30% of the UK population not getting enough sleep. Sleep deprivation is not only exhausting but is shown in increase risks of conditions including diabetes and heart disease. Sleeping with ear plugs may sound uncomfortable, but now you can get ear plugs malleable and comfortable enough that you can enjoy a good night’s sleep without even knowing that they’re there. If you’re curious, talk to your audiologist about ear plugs for sleeping in.
  • You’re around loud music Wearing ear plugs in loud situations pretty much goes without saying. Any sound higher than 85 decibels for prolonged periods of time can gradually affect your hearing- roughly the sound of your average food blender! So, if you play music, or just love going to see it live, keep some ear plugs handy and try and give your ears around 18 hours rest afterwards.

Enjoy your hearing

We’re not saying wear ear plugs all the time, more to remain aware of potential threats to your hearing to prevent any harmful impact. Prevention is the best form of treatment for hearing loss, so wearing ear plugs once in a while will benefit you for years to come. For maximum comfort, why not have some ear plugs bespoke made to you? Book an appointment and find out what we can do for you.