The benefits of custom-fit ear plugs

Published 24 March 2023  | Updated 16 May 2024  | 4 mins read

ACS ear plugs.

When it comes to ear plugs, many of us have never tried them, and if we have, it might have been to block out a snoring partner at night so we can get some precious shut-eye, or as we were jet-setting off on a flight to sunnier climes. But have you ever considered how much these little gems can help you and your hearing?

What should I wear ear plugs for?

The most common type of hearing loss is noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). This type of hearing loss is caused by exposure to excessive noise levels and can affect anyone at any point in their life. Exposure to excessive noise levels, whether sudden or experienced over a prolonged period, can cause permanent damage to your hearing. This damage, however, can be prevented with a good pair of ear plugs, or even better, custom-fitted ear plugs. 

Wearing hearing protection can and should be incorporated into various aspects of our lives where we risk exposure to potentially damaging noise levels. This includes: attending live music or sporting events, operating loud machinery, engaging in hobbies such as shooting or motorsports, and playing music.

Ear plugs don’t just protect our ears from sound, they can also be worn for other purposes, such as by swimmers to prevent water from entering the ear canal. They can even help you get a better night’s sleep!

What are the benefits of custom-fit ear plugs?

Custom-fit ear plugs, as the name suggests, are made bespoke for you and your needs. But what is the difference between them and standard ear plugs? And are they really worth the investment?

Well, the simple answer is yes. Not only do custom-fit ear plugs provide their wearers with better comfort and sound quality, compared to standard plugs, but they also come with a whole range of fantastic benefits!

Comfort and longevity

Custom-fit ear plugs are made for you from a mould of your ear to sit perfectly within the ear, unlike standard foam ear plugs which tend to fall out and irritate us. This means you can comfortably wear your custom ear plugs for hours on end. Another great benefit is their longevity – you can wear these day-in, day-out and still get the same level of comfort and protection as long as you look after and clean them as advised. 


Protect against hearing loss

While this may seem like a bit of a given, custom-fit ear plugs do a fantastic job at protecting our ears against noise-induced hearing loss. In fact some ear plugs can offer protection over 120db for an extended period of time – that’s the same as listening to a rock band in the front for four hours continuously! 


We all have different hearing protection needs, so sometimes standard hearing protection doesn‘t quite cut it. With custom fit ear plugs, as well as the benefit of being tailored to size, they can also be customised to provide the level of protection you need. For acoustic musicians or those exposed to low levels of sound, custom ear plugs will offer protection whilst not distorting the sounds you experience. Or for those who work in loud and challenging environments, there are heavy duty protection options so you can get on with the day’s work without worrying about your ears!


Better sleep!

Fed up with your partner snoring next to you at night? Well we’ve got ear plugs for that! Not only do custom ear plugs protect your hearing, they have great noise cancelling properties, so you can pop these in before heading to bed and enjoy a blissful night sleep.

How can I get custom-fitted ear plugs?

Here at The Hearing Care Partnership, our audiologists can help you find the perfect hearing protection solution from our wide range of suppliers to suit your needs and requirements.

Simply book a hearing protection consultation at your nearest practice, and our audiologist will take care of the rest. They will talk you through all the options available to you, take moulds if needed and order them straight to your door or practice. 

Call us today on 0800 52 00 546 or book an appointment below.