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Jasper Marshall

Wax Removal Clinician

Before joining The Hearing Care Partnership, Jasper had quite a diverse career. Most recently he worked at a Covid vaccination centre for a year during the pandemic, as well as spending some time in an antique shop.

“I was told about The Hearing Care Partnership by a friend who was already working there as an audiologist. I had never considered this line of work before but as I learned more about the role, I became fascinated with the process. As someone who enjoys helping people and putting a smile on their faces, the job felt like the perfect fit!

Within my role, I always look forward to solving the problems of the patients I am working with, whether that’s through removing wax, answering any questions they may have or recognising that someone may need to be referred to the correct person to solve their problems.

Outside of work, I enjoy the arts, especially film, music and art (although I am not very good at them myself). I also write quite a lot - specifically comedic material which I like to film and perform. I am always up for a game of sport with my friends, although I am terrible at it!”

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