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Iram Zaman


After completing her degree in Biochemistry at the University of Birmingham, Iram started her career in Audiology with a BSc from the University of Bristol. After this she went on to work for the NHS for 10 years. Working in the NHS allowed Iram to have exposure to more complex hearing losses, in a variety of clinics and to fully assess, fit and make recommendations for both hearing and balance patients.

“I feel really proud to be working with The Hearing Care Partnership as they uphold the values of delivering excellent, comprehensive and personalised care. The service provided is unrivalled because we work with the most up-to-date equipment in order to provide the best clinical care. We offer the latest technologies but with a focus on the patient. Putting the patient at the centre of all I do ensures that the service is tailored uniquely to them, focusing on their requirements so we can go through the journey together.

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with family and catching up with my friends over coffee or going out to eat. I am currently learning classical Arabic and I also try to keep fit at the gym.”

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Iram Zaman, the consultant was excellent - friendly, approachable and informative. She explained every procedure and prepared me for the sensations I would be experiencing. I have had a blockage in my right ear for several weeks and my hearing has obviously been affected. Iram showed me the pictures of the inside of both my ears so I could understand exactly what the problem was. After the syringing, which was totally painless, the improvement in my ear and hearing was immediate. I had a thorough hearing test and I am aware where my hearing is on 'the normality scale'! I shall continue to have regular hearing tests in the same way my eyes are tested.
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Peter Rose

3 years ago

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