Gina Williamson

Wax Clinician

Gina has spent the last 15 years building her career within the care industry. Not only has she worked on the frontline with the South East Coast Ambulance service, but she has also spent the last 15 months coordinating care for vulnerable patients across the Chichester area. Gina then decided to make a change and join The Hearing Care Partnership.

“From the moment I joined The Hearing Care Partnership, I felt very welcomed and at ease. This opportunity is exactly what I was looking for - working with patients one-to-one and providing excellent care and relief.

I enjoy working for a company like The Hearing Care Partnership because they truly value the welfare of their patients, allowing me to help improve my patient's quality of life.

Outside of the workplace I am a bit of a bookworm and enjoy family walks with our two dogs. I am also a keen snowboarder, and love travelling to see my family out in Australia.”

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