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Dagmara Janekova


Dagmara’s career within Audiology began when she started working for a large optical retailer; inspiring her to seek out a more patient-centred role, she began her training to become a Hearing Care Assistant.

In 2012, Dagmara decided to broaden her knowledge and enrolled at Anglia Ruskin University where she would undertake the necessary studies to become a fully qualified Hearing Aid Audiologist. Since completing her degree, Dagmara has worked with a range of patients, both private and NHS, allowing her to continue developing her skills within clinical environments.

Before joining The Hearing Care Partnership, Dagmara was assigned the role of Clinical Lead Audiologist within the practice she was working with and was actively involved in getting the practice through their IQIPS accreditation. Dagmara decided to join THCP so she could have the opportunity to work closely with patients and offer them a personalised service.

“I am truly excited and looking forward to working with my new colleagues and especially to meet patients face-to-face with personalised service and care at The Hearing Care Partnership.”

Outside of work, Dagmara enjoys skiing, snowboarding, growing orchids and gardening.

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Appointment on time and everything clearly explained for my ear wax removal. Dagmara carried out the procedure very carefully and I was delighted to be able to hear again!
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11 months ago

Having been to the doctors several times regarding my tinnitus and feeling dizzy from time to time, and not ever really finding out what may be causing these issues, I decided to book an appointment with THCP. My audiologist Dagmara Janakova was brilliant. Almost immediately identified the issues with a few tests. One of which the doctors nor the hospital ever performed and said test flagged up an issue straight away. I feel very confident my hearing issues will be resolved following advice given by Dagmara. Very pleased with my visit today!!
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Sean Kelliher

11 months ago

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