Oticon More™

Oticon has released their groundbreaking new hearing aid technology, Oticon More™, which works seamlessly to make your everyday tasks easier. These brain-friendly hearing aids, help make more sense of sounds within every environment.

A pair of hearing aids Oticon More in a charging doc.
A woman holding a hearing aid in her hand.

Introducing Oticon More™

Oticon More™ works seamlessly to make your everyday tasks easier. With more access to the sounds around you, the innovative technology recognises all kinds of sounds with clarity.
Oticon More™ offers brain-friendly hearing aids, helping to make more sense of sounds within every environment. It’s life-changing technology that allows you to hear with less effort.

Meet Oticon’s newest release

Introducing Oticon Real – the powerful and sophisticated new hearing aid from Oticon which is jam-packed with groundbreaking technology to give ultimate clarity.

A man wearing a hearing aid talking to people outside.

Key Features

Key features and technology in Oticon More™ hearing aids include:

  • Compatible with Apple and Android devices with Audio Streaming for Hearing Aid (ASHA) via Bluetooth® hearing aid technology
  • Hearing aids are rechargeable, giving you 24 hours of battery in just three hours or six hours if you charge them for 30 minutes
  • Uses Deep Neural Network (DNN) to scan and analyse sounds around you to help create clear contrast and balance between different sounds
  • MoreSound Intelligence™ filters the sounds you hear and chooses which are more important
  • Polaris™ is a tiny chip within the hearing aid to provide twice the speed of other hearing aids, allowing sounds to reach your ears and brain faster
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Oticon More™ is a fundamentally new approach to sound processing, redefined to deliver the full sound scene to the brain:

  • Sound is up to 60% clearer inside the brain
  • Created using 12 million natural sound scenes
  • Speech enhancement and reduced background noise
  • Works seamlessly in different environments
  • Every second the sound scene is scanned 500 times for clarity of natural sounds