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Introducing Oticon Real, the latest hearing aid from Oticon which promises to put you and your brain at the centre of your hearing so you can experience the real sounds of life.

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Clarity in everyday

Oticon Real is the powerful and sophisticated new hearing aid from Oticon which is jam-packed with groundbreaking technology to give optimum clarity to your everyday.

Oticon Real employs “brain hearing” technology to help the brain process sound more effectively, so you can have a naturally effortless listening experience. The Oticon Real allows the wearer exceptional clarity when listening to speech and has even been proven to increase speech clarity in the wind. It can even significantly reduce your listening effort in noisy environments so you can conserve your mental energy. 

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Key Features:

Oticon Real aids are available with rechargeable batteries, so you can have up to 24 hours of battery use on just one single full charge. Often out and about? Well with your Oticon aids, you can also charge on the go with your SmartCharger. Fully charging your hearing aids in as little as 3 hours, this nifty little power bank can keep your hearing aids safe and dry when not in use, perfect for those of us who are constantly on the move.

Connect to the modern world. The Oticon Real offers advanced connectivity features so you don’t have to miss a thing. From hands-free calling from your mobile to streaming music directly into your aids, the Oticon Real uses Bluetooth connectivity to enhance your listening experience. You can also stream sound directly from your TV to your healing aids with Oticon’s TV adapter – find out more about hearing aid accessories.

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Get more out of your aids with the new Oticon Companion app. Available to download on a majority of Apple and Android devices, the Oticon Companion app will sync with your healing aids, allowing you to control and personalise your aids to suit any situation, all from the palm of your hand.

The Oticon Real is available in a range of styles, including behind-the-ear and in-the-ear models, to suit your individual needs and preferences. Oticon Real is also available in a range of colours, so you can wear your aids how you want, without sacrificing functionality or style!

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Existing hearing aid wearer?

Are you an existing hearing aid wearer looking to upgrade your hearing aids? Or perhaps that’s something you’ve not considered yet?

Come in and see how the Oticon Real can revolutionise your hearing. With innovative technology that’s designed to give you optimum comfort whilst delivering the very best level of sound quality, the Oticon Real will be sure to change the way you listen, so you can fully embrace the soundscape around you. 

Upgrade your hearing

Do more with Oticon Real. We would be delighted to discuss our new hearing aid technology and how it can help you enjoy the sounds you love most.

Pricing and options

Hearing aids packages overview.

Hearing aid packages

Your hearing care journey starts from the moment you walk through the door, which is why we don’t stop at hearing aids.

In fact, all of our hearing aids come as part of our Complete Hearing Care Packages, so you have the peace of mind that all of your hearing care needs are covered. Find out about the packages available here or speak to your audiologist.

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Looking to spread the cost?

We understand that hearing aids can be a big investment, which is why we offer a payment plan to help you spread the cost.

At The Hearing Care Partnership, Oticon More™ is available as part of our ‘Hear Now. Pay Later’ payment plan.

You have the option to pay for your hearing aid package by Direct Debit over a period of 10 months with no interest (0% representative APR), no arrangement fees and no hidden extra charges. To find out more about ‘Hear Now. Pay Later’, click here.

Oticon Real gives realistic sound quality enabling the user to hear all the sounds around them but not compromising on speech clarity. The Real technology also helps reduce the effect of wind noise which is great for those who like to be outdoors! It is a fantastic hearing aid.
Vicky Hurst, audiologist at The Hearing Care Partnership. Vicky - Audiologist

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, many people with BTE hearing aids can wear their glasses comfortably and in most cases adjustments can be made so that the two can sit harmoniously together.

The BTE hearing aid has an ergonomic design so it can sit comfortably behind the ear, following the ears natural contour, this is then kept in place by the ear mould.