Tim Davies


Tim's career journey began with a five-year stint at a high street hearing care provider, where he earned his degree while working as a Hearing Care Assistant. This initial experience laid the foundation for his subsequent role at a leading hearing aid manufacturer, where he spent another five years working closely with the NHS and large retailers.

Tim was drawn to THCP because it is a family-run business that prioritises personalised care. He appreciates that THCP offers the most comprehensive hearing tests available on the high street, allowing him to provide the highest level of care to his patients.

In his role at THCP, Tim loves the opportunity to interact directly with patients and help them achieve better hearing in the most effective way possible. His genuine passion for improving lives through audiology shines through in every interaction.

Outside of his professional life, Tim has a deep love for music and enjoys playing both the guitar and drums. He also has a passion for walking, travelling, and exploring new cuisines.

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