Shanice Myers


Shanice Myers is an accomplished audiologist with The Hearing Care Partnership. Her journey in the field of audiology began in 2017 with a high street provider and their Foundation Degree in Hearing Aid Audiology. After 18 months working between Aston University and the private provider, her professional journey took a notable turn when she joined the team at a shopping centre in August 2018.

Motivated by a desire for a fresh start after maternity leave, Shanice chose to work for The Hearing Care Partnership. Her decision was driven by the opportunity to have a more patient-centreed role and greater autonomy in managing her daily schedule.

Within her current role, Shanice enjoys learning new methods, gaining in-depth knowledge about various hearing aid products, and embracing fresh challenges. Her enthusiasm for professional growth is a testament to her commitment to providing the best possible care to her patients.

Beyond her professional life, Shanice enjoys running, reading, and is learning to play the drums. Socialising with friends and family is a crucial part of her well-balanced lifestyle.

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