Kirsten Ellis


Kirsten is a highly dedicated Audiologist who takes great pride in her professional achievements. During her clinical placement, Kirsten wrote several articles for ENT and Audiology news publications, showcasing her expertise in the field. In recognition of her contributions to the industry, she was awarded the BAA Lisa Bayliss award in 2018, and in December 2020, she became an Associate Fellow of the British Society of Audiology.

“Patient-centred care is the foundation for my clinical approach, values on which The Hearing Care Partnership aligns with and builds on - cultivating an empowering and caring collaboration between hearing care professionals and patients.

I am looking forward to getting to know customers and colleagues that I haven’t met yet, and continuing to expand my skill set and knowledge base within The Hearing Care Partnership.

Outside of work, I enjoy paddleboarding and open water swimming, playing the guitar and reading books (horror is my favourite genre - closely followed by non-fiction!)”

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