Katy Waterman


Katy embarked on her career journey in Graphic Design before enrolling on a BSc in Audiology at the University of Southampton in 2010, graduating with honours in 2014. Her change in career was driven by her own hearing impairment resulting from major ear surgery.

Starting her Audiology career in the NHS, working in adult rehabilitation, tinnitus counselling, vestibular assessment, and ENT. Katy then found fulfilment working privately assisting hearing-impaired patients and their families. Drawing from her personal journey, she values the opportunity to provide tailored care and support to her patients.

Katy has dedicated herself to helping individuals with hearing impairment and their families. Her experience spans both NHS and private clinic settings, where she appreciates the personalised approach to hearing care offered by us. Katy's first-hand experience with hearing loss motivates her commitment to delivering exceptional customer care, drawing from her access to a wide range of treatment options.

As a member of the mentor team, Katy plays a vital role in facilitating the transition of new colleagues into the company. She focuses on nurturing their clinical and product knowledge while prioritising their well-being, ensuring they embody the confident and compassionate Audiologists that patients deserve.

Beyond her professional endeavours, Katy finds joy in yoga instruction and cherishes quality time spent with her family, reflecting her dedication to both personal wellness and meaningful connections outside the workplace.

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