Jacqueline McPolin


Jacqueline possesses a diverse range of qualifications and experiences in the field of audiology. Graduating in 2000 with a BSc in Clinical Physiology (Audiology), she embarked on a career dedicated to serving patients' auditory health needs. Her journey includes significant roles within the Southern Health Social Care Trust (SHSCT), where she worked as an audiologist and later as the Adult Lead Audiologist for 21 years.

Motivated by a desire to provide more personalised care and embrace new technologies, Jacqueline chose to join THCP. She sought an environment that allowed for in-depth consultation and testing, where she could prioritise patient satisfaction without the constraints of limited time. Additionally, Jacqueline was excited about the opportunity to learn new skills and achieve a better work-life balance in her role at THCP.

In her new position, she enjoys dedicating ample time to understanding each patient's unique needs and tailoring care accordingly. Jacqueline aims to utilise intuitive testing methods to ensure that patients receive the comprehensive and personalised care they deserve.

Outside of work, she enjoys immersing herself in the world of music through concerts, indulging in the escape provided by books, and exploring new cultures and cuisines through travel. Her diverse range of hobbies reflects a passion for both the arts and cultural experiences.

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