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Beth, a dedicated professional in the field of hearing care, is a proud member of BSHAA (British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists) and a Registered Hearing Aid Dispenser under the HCPC (Health Care Profession Council). Beth also holds a Degree in Health Sciences and a GNVQ in Health and Social Care, showcasing her commitment to excellence and Patient care in her field.

Joining the company in 2010 she has worked passionately in clinic with Patients for many years. Progressing to a role as Professional Services Manager and now as the Development Lead where she heads up the development and training of her fellow colleagues in Audiology. Looking after Audiologists, Wax Removal Clinicians, Hearing Care Assistants and Clinical Mentors.

With a passion for providing excellence and personalised patient centred care, Beth's whole career has been focused on delivering this and creating better hearing health for hundreds if not thousands of people. Improved hearing gives Patients better well being, connections and overall a new lease of life. What a focus to have!

Beth is a firm believer in the ethos of The Hearing Care Partnership, where the attention is on accompanying customers throughout their journey. She understands that the best outcomes arise from a deep understanding of each customer's specific challenges and needs, therefore providing an individual, empathic and considered solution for each case.

She not only brings professional expertise but also a well-rounded personal life. A dedicated yogi with years of practice, she also boasts a sporting background, indulging her passion for cycling and occasionally navigating the golf course, where she humorously admits to (mis-)hitting her way around.

In both her professional and personal pursuits, Beth exemplifies a commitment to understanding, care, and the enduring support of those on the journey to better hearing.

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