Free Hearing Test

We're open and here for you. Regular hearing tests are vital because hearing can deteriorate gradually, so issues are easier to correct the sooner they’re detected. All hearing tests with The Hearing Care Partnership are thorough, personalised, carried out by expert audiologists and completely free of charge.

Free Hearing Test

We're open and here for you

Looking after your vision and hearing to keep you connected has never been more important. We are here for you, so we are open and looking forward to supporting you with all your vision and hearing care needs. Please click here to book.

Please note: You will be contacted by phone prior to your chosen appointment time to discuss your requirements and to help you understand what to expect when you visit us in practice.

Free Full Hearing Assessment

Our fully qualified hearing care professionals offer clinical excellence with a caring, personal touch, whether you’d like a quick hearing health check or a full hearing assessment. All THCP audiologists are registered with the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC).

Hearing Health Check

A shorter appointment to determine your hearing levels and establish whether further investigation or solutions are recommended.

Full Hearing Assessment

A free and comprehensive evaluation of your hearing to explore your lifestyle hearing needs.

Free Full Hearing Assessment
A full hearing assessment includes

A full hearing assessment includes

  • Discussion of your hearing and lifestyle background
  • Word discrimination and speech in noise testing
  • Full colour video otoscopy of the outer ear, eardrum and canal to explore causes of possible hearing loss
  • Pure tone audiometry to diagnose the level of any hearing loss
  • An audiogram showing your hearing ability at different frequencies
  • A report of your hearing health
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All about hearing aids

As part of your free hearing test, your audiologist will demonstrate different hearing aid options, should they be required. Free trials are also available. The Hearing Care Partnership offers the very latest digital hearing aids from the world’s leading manufacturers.

If you currently wear NHS hearing aids and would like more information on new hearing technology, our hearing experts will be happy to help. We can also provide repairs and checks as part of our Hearing Aid Clean & Check service.

Hearing aids in depth

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You can book your free hearing assessment online using our quick and easy booking form. Alternatively, you can speak to your local practice.

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