Unitron Moxi Blu

Unitron Moxi Blu features a highly advanced signal processing system, Integra OS, with a chip twice the memory of previous versions. It’s easily personalised, has made for all phones connectivity through Bluetooth® and great styles, so you can live life to the full.

An unitron Moxi Blu hearing aid.
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Key Features

Key features of the Unitron Moxi Blu family of hearing aids include:

  • Instant customisation that allows you to personalise how you hear through a variety of programs including automatic or pre-set options to enhance speech, reduce noise or focus on one direction
  • A choice of rechargeable styles or traditional disposable battery
  • Made-for-all technology through exceptional Bluetooth® connectivity and the ability to pair up to eight compatible devices, double-tapping the ear to switch between them
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Benefits of using the Unitron Moxi Blu family of hearing aids include:

  • AutoFocus 360 uses a binaural network of four microphones to determine where speech is coming from and dynamically changes amplification levels in each ear
  • Soft speech lift enhances the subtle nuances in speech, making quieter voices clearer to hear

Pricing and options

Hearing aids packages overview.

Hearing aid packages

Your hearing care journey starts from the moment you walk through the door, which is why we don’t stop at hearing aids.

In fact, all of our hearing aids come as part of our Complete Hearing Care Packages, so you have the peace of mind that all of your hearing care needs are covered. Find out about the packages available here or speak to your audiologist.

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Looking to spread the cost?

We understand that hearing aids can be a big investment, which is why we offer a payment plan to help you spread the cost.

At The Hearing Care Partnership, Unitron Moxi Blu is available as part of our ‘Hear Now. Pay Later’ payment plan.

You have the option to pay for your hearing aid package by Direct Debit over a period of 10 months with no interest (0% representative APR), no arrangement fees and no hidden extra charges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Receiver In Canal hearing aids sit on top of the ear and have a thin wire attached to the receiver (or speaker). This, along with either a dome or custom mould, sits closer to the eardrum to give the best quality sound.

Microphones in the hearing aid unit collect sounds and convert this into electrical signals. These signals are then transmitted down the wire into the receiver, and converted back into sounds, which then comes out next to your eardrum.