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Cathryn Brett (RHAD MSHAA) Hearing Aid Audiologist

Cathryn Brett (RHAD MSHAA)

Cathryn qualified as a Hearing Aid Audiologist at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge. Since then, she has built up a wealth of valuable experience in the private sector.

“I’m passionate about providing the best possible solutions and support for those with hearing loss. Working at The Hearing Care Partnership means I have the time to spend with each patient, not only enabling me to carry out thorough clinical testing but also to match the most suitable state-of-the-art hearing aids in line with lifestyle and personal preferences.”

“It doesn’t stop there – I believe that ongoing care and support is essential to ensure that each patient has a personal and tailor-made aftercare service, which will continue to improve their quality of life.”

“I’m very committed to raising awareness of the impact of hearing loss and have a special interest in links between untreated hearing loss and an increase in the risk of falls and developing dementia.”