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Katy Waterman (BSc RHAD) Audiologist

Katy Waterman (BSc RHAD)

Katy graduated from University of Southampton with an Audiology BSc degree, and has been helping those with hearing impairment and their families since. Having divided her time between working with the NHS and private clinics, Katy enjoys the personal approach to hearing care that The Hearing Care Partnership can offer. Having experienced a hearing loss herself, with a variety of different treatments, inspired her commitment to excellent customer care.

“I enjoyed working within the NHS and gained valuable clinical experience in adult rehabilitation, vestibular assessment, pediatrics and ENT. Since 2014 I have been working privately which is much more rewarding because I am able to dedicate more time to each patient, tailor their hearing healthcare more precisely, offer a wider range of technology, and provide continued aftercare support.

Outside of work, my time is spent with my husband and children, usually walking a coastline somewhere. I also have a passion for yoga and practice daily.”