What are the best foods for your hearing?

Published 05 May 2021  | Updated 16 May 2024  | 3 mins read


We all know that leafy greens and whole grains are good for the heart, and fish can help power our brains, but did you know that eating certain foods can support healthy hearing?

We’ve put together a selection of foods that are good for your hearing. Tuck in!


Why? – Potassium

‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ – but in this case, a banana a day could keep the audiologist at bay. The reason for this is that bananas contain potassium, which is important for the way the ear converts sound into signals for the brain to interpret.



Almonds and cashew nuts

Why? – Zinc and magnesium

It might sound nutty but the zinc in these snacks can be an effective treatment for tinnitus. If you’re experiencing ringing in the ears, then reaching for a handful of almonds could give you the boost you’re after.

Providing dual benefits in one handful, the magnesium in these nuts is believed to protect inner ear hair cells. Almonds can also lower blood sugar and blood pressure levels, so what’s not to love?

Spinach, broccoli and asparagus

Why? Folic Acid

We should all eat more greens, but these three, in particular, are high in folic acid. While most people associate folic acid with pregnancy, there’s a possibility that it can slow the onset of hearing loss, making these three foods good for hearing.

This is because folic acid keeps blood flow regulated in the body, something which the inner ear relies on. Spinach, broccoli and asparagus make great veggie barbeque treats, but can also be served with your favourite one-pot recipes – so you’ll be covered whatever the weather has in store this summer.


Why? – Vitamin C

Oranges contain vitamin C, which helps to generally strengthen your immune system and reduces illnesses such as ear infections.

Eating oranges is a natural way to ingest vitamin C, as opposed to taking supplements for ear health. It’s important for the body to ingest vitamins for hearing, but if oranges are too sour for your liking, try bell peppers, broccoli or strawberries as alternative sources of vitamin C.

Two salmon fillets cooked.

Oil-rich fish

Why? – Omega-3

Feeling fishy? As well as benefitting your heart and eyes, omega-3 fats can help prevent hearing loss. This is because of the vital role omega-3 plays in supporting normal brain function.

If you don’t eat fish, enjoy plant sources of omega-3s such as walnuts, flaxseeds, hemp seeds and chia seeds.

Berries and blackcurrants

Why? – Antioxidants

Thank you berry much!

Fruits like berries and blackcurrants are packed full of antioxidants which are needed by our bodies to fight free radicals and in the case of our ears, they help protect our ear cells from damage caused by free radicals.

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