Walbank Opticians now offering hearing services

Published 28 November 2018  | Updated 16 May 2024  | 2 mins read

We’re excited to announce our latest partnership with Walbank Opticians in Holbury. As of today, Wednesday 28th November, they will now offer The Hearing Care Partnership’s hearing services from within their Holbury practice, including free hearing assessments, hearing aids, ear wax removal and hearing protection services.

Walbank are an independent optician, the only one in Holbury, providing expert eye care services to the local community and those that travel in to visit the practice. Their friendly and professional team provide only the very best service, with their qualified optometrists carrying out thorough eye examinations that involve more than just testing your sight.

Merging THCP’s hearing services into the Holbury practice allows them to provide full eye and ear care to their patients. Our fully qualified audiologist Nicola Miller will be joining the team in Holbury, providing patient centred care and clinical excellence, using innovative diagnostic equipment and with access to the world’s most advanced hearing aid technology.

Walbank Opticians pride themselves on their investment in the latest technology, including one of their more recent investments in the OCT scanner. OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) is a ground-breaking piece of optical technology, allowing major advances in the precision and quality of eye examinations. Much like The Hearing Care Partnership, this type of care is something we believe in – it’s more than just looking at a person’s vision and hearing, it’s about the health of the eyes and ears.

With a strong connection in values and care, we know this partnership will allow both Walbank Opticians and THCP to excel in what we do best: building a great joint optical and hearing care service. With our full range of audiology services available from within Walbank Opticians Holbury, we’re excited to be able to help their loyal patients live their life to the full.

If you would like to book a free hearing appointment with the THCP team in Holbury, then you can book online or contact the practice directly on 02380985902.