The Hearing Care Partnership now providing hearing care services in Jane Gray Eye Care

Published 06 July 2022  | Updated 06 December 2022  | 3 mins read

Jane Gray Eye Care practice.

We are thrilled to announce the opening of our latest clinic, situated in Jane Gray Eye Care, to be providing hearing services for the community of Anlaby and the surrounding areas.

Jane Gray Eye Care has been a longstanding member of the Anlaby community, providing a range of comprehensive eye care services for a number of years. As a proudly independent optician, the team strive to deliver every patient with a friendly and personable service.

The practice itself is well equipped with the latest in optical technology, including OCT, to enable the team to provide their patients with the most in-depth eye examination. Jane Gray Eye Care also offer contact lens services, including aftercare, and boasts a whole range of frames to meet every patient’s individual needs.

Working alongside the Jane Gray Eye Care team will be THCP Audiologist Faisal Imran. He will be delivering a range of hearing care services including:

  • FREE hearing assessments
  • Hearing aids
  • Ear wax removal
  • Tinnitus consultations
  • Hearing protection
faisal imran

Faisal began his career working in the NHS at his local hospital, as part of his training placement for his BSc degree in Healthcare Science. From the very beginning, Faisal started building his knowledge and experience in everything from hearing aid repairs to patient care. He worked so hard that the hospital’s Lead Audiologist offered him a full-time role just eight weeks into his training, which was previously unheard of for students on his degree course. Upon his graduation, Faisal was also awarded “Student Placement of the Year” to recognize his contributions to the hospital.

After completing his degree, Faisal then spent a further year working for the NHS, enjoying his time with both the patients and staff, before deciding to join The Hearing Care Partnership.

“One of the main reasons I decided to take a leap of faith and join THCP was the equipment, and the technology of the hearing aids at my disposal. I always felt that with the NHS we were somewhat restricted, but with THCP, we’re able to work with any manufacturer and use any hearing aid, which gives me all the tools I need to provide the best possible service to all my patients, and really make a difference to their lives!

“Since joining THCP, I’ve loved every moment of my job. All my colleagues are the friendliest people I’ve met; they really care about the patients but they care about the staff too. It’s fantastic coming from the NHS where patient-centred care was important, but THCP carries these same values even further to really provide tailored personalised care.”

To book a hearing appointment at Jane Gray Eye Care, just call the team on 01482 014 560 or book an appointment online.