Show your love by spotting the signs of hearing loss

Published 14 February 2022  | Updated 18 December 2022  | 3 mins read

This Valentine’s Day, as well as buying your loved one their favourite box of chocolates, why not take the time to look out for their hearing health too?

Unlike eyesight issues, hearing loss can be trickier to detect yourself. Sometimes we need to rely on our partners to help us out.

So, if you’ve noticed your partner has picked up any of the following habits or hearing loss symptoms, it could be time to book them a hearing test.

Turning up the volume of the TV or radio

We all like to turn the volume up for a favourite TV show or big movie. But a recent change in volume preference might be a tell-tale sign of hearing loss. Take a note of the volume number on the TV – if your partner has recently started turning it up beyond their normal volume, it might be a sign their hearing is deteriorating.

Struggling to understand speech over the telephone

Over the phone, without the reliance on facial expressions and body language, hearing loss can become more apparent. If you notice that speaking with your loved one on the phone is becoming hard work, it may be worth gently mentioning they get their hearing checked out.

Couple talking outside

Asking you to repeat yourself multiple times in conversation

Having to repeat yourself over and over can be frustrating and it can degrade the joy of conversation. Yet can you imagine how much more exhausting it is for the person who is unable to hear so well. In these situations, it is always best to stay calm, patient and understanding. Facing one and another and coming closer to each other can really help.

Avoiding noisy social environments

Crowded places with lots of background noise can be overwhelming for those with hearing loss. It could even mean they might start declining invitations and staying at home. This can lead to potential feelings of loneliness and isolation – so it’s essential they get the hearing care they need to avoid further problems with hearing health and overall well-being.

Address the topic sensitively

For some, coming to terms with a hearing loss can be confusing, difficult and upsetting. This can sometimes lead to tension, frustration and possible resilience when the topic is highlighted. We therefore would always encourage you to discuss the manner gently and take time to consider how best you can approach this with your loved one.

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Book a free hearing test at THCP today

It’s crucial to identify hearing loss as early as possible to ensure you’re getting the help and support you need with your hearing care.

So if you’ve noticed any symptoms of hearing loss in your loved one or simply need some ear care advice, you can call our friendly team at The Hearing Care Partnership on 0800 52 00 546. You can also book an appointment online with one of our expert audiologists.