How to safely wash your ears

Published 26 March 2018  | Updated 16 May 2024  | 3 mins read

Are you stuck in the same routine of washing your ears? Many people don’t take any notice as to how they clean their ears – but we’re here to tell you that it takes more than a cotton bud and a quick rinse behind the ears to keep your ears clean and healthy! Incorrectly washing your ears can lead to infections and ear wax build-up. Save yourself the risk with our easy to follow tips on how to safely wash your ears.

Your ears don’t need exfoliating

There is no need to scrub your outer ear with too much intensity. Although your ears have the same sweat glands as your armpits, they don’t need the same level of intense cleaning. All it takes is a damp cloth to gently clean around and behind the ears to keep your ears in good hygiene!

Put the cotton bud down!

You’ll hear every audiologist or health care specialist tell you that cotton buds are not ear-friendly! There are many implications to inserting anything into your ear – the main one being, it doesn’t actually help your ear wax problem. Trying to remove ear wax this way pushes ear wax deeper into your ear canal, which over time can compress the ear wax and make it more difficult to remove.

Ear wax removal

Removing excess ear wax is a necessary part of keeping your ears clean. A little ear wax is natural and benefits the health of your ears, but too much building up over time can be uncomfortable and impair your hearing. You can find out the best way of removing ear wax here – we guarantee ear syringing and ear candles aren’t on the list!

Keep the suds at bay

Harsh soaps and washes can irritate your ear, especially if they aren’t rinsed off correctly. You don’t technically need to use soap in your ears, as ear wax is a naturally antibacterial and protects the ear from dirt. This ear wax gradually works its way to the outer ear, which can then be removed. You can purchase olive oil drops, which is known to help ear wax move if you feel it needs to.

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