Don’t miss out on your free hearing check with The Hearing Care Partnership

Published 14 June 2022  | Updated 16 May 2024  | 3 mins read

Have you heard? Even the Queen is sporting a smart pair of hearing aids these days – so why not make like royalty and get yourself a free hearing test. Because there’s nothing more regal than looking after your health!

While hearing problems can become more prevalent as we get older, that doesn’t mean you can ever be too young for a hearing test! Just like a visit to the dentist, regularly seeing an ear doctor – or ‘audiologist’ – is important. And there’s no need to be worried about what to expect; we’ve got all the facts for you right here.

What happens at an ear exam?

The Hearing Care Partnership has two different types of hearing tests available:

– A hearing health check

This is a short appointment to see what your hearing levels are and discern whether any further assessment is needed. You’ll just need to pop on a pair of headphones and tell us what sounds you can hear – simple!

– A full hearing assessment

This is a longer, fully comprehensive hearing evaluation that will determine what your hearing needs might be. You’ll go through some further tests including speech testing to determine what effect any potential hearing loss is having on their ability to discriminate speech and also to see how much of a difficulty the hearing loss is causing them. We will also conduct speech in noise testing to determine how well you are managing in background noise. We will also discuss your hearing, lifestyle and medical history, before giving you a full report of your hearing health.

Hearing aids

If you need them, we will also show you our hearing aid options as a part of your free check-up. And there are even offer a 60-day money-back guarantee on all of our hearing aids so you can find out which ones are better for your ears. As a truly independent hearing care provider we are not tied down to specific manufacturers and will evaluate a range of hearing aids on the market to help choose what is most appropriate for each patient.

We understand that many people are worried about the stigma of using hearing devices. But with amazing new modern technology offering discreet styles, hearing aids are far less noticeable in 2022. Moreover, with even mild hearing loss making it difficult to communicate, the improvement these little devices can make to your quality of life is sure to outweigh any aesthetic concerns.

You can take a look at our range of hearing aids here, and your audiologist will be happy to answer any and all questions you might have – from designs and features, to costs and payment plans.

Book an appointment

If you have noticed a decline in your hearing, or simply want to stay ahead of the curve, you can book an appointment with us online or over the phone on 0800 52 00 546. Our hearing tests are free of charge and our lovely team will be sure to give you the royal treatment!