Connecting to the sounds at Christmas and managing noisy environments

Published 01 December 2020  | Updated 16 May 2024  | 2 mins read

When coping with hearing loss, it can be disorientating to have the radio in the background while trying to have a conversation with your loved ones. Over the festive season, we often see those environments magnified.

If you are planning a get together, you could be looking at multiple distractions and that can be both intimidating and exhausting. Conversely, if you’re looking at a virtual Christmas, your ears could be juggling all the usual noises as well as the family call on video chat.

Looking after your hearing health means you can connect to those individual sounds with clarity and attention.

Short term solutions to managing your hearing loss this season, include:

  • Reduce the noise around you (for example, turn off the radio so you can concentrate on a conversation)
  • Don’t be shy when asking people to repeat themselves
  • Ask people to talk slower and be more considerate of you.
  • If you have hearing aids and still experience muffled voices or whistling, visit your audiologist to ask them to service your hearing aids ahead of the holiday season so you can be hearing at your best

We recommend visiting one of our audiologists for a FREE Full Hearing Assessment, to make sure you’re getting the most out of your hearing and stay connected to the ones you love.

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