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Our expert hearing care services

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Free hearing assessment

Free hearing assessment

At The Hearing Care Partnership our free full hearing assessment will give you a comprehensive and detailed overview of your hearing and hearing health, performed by our professional and caring audiologist.


Ear wax removal

Ear wax removal

Our ear wax removal service uses the latest and safest methods to remove excess wax to help you hear clearly again, as well as this you’ll also receive a quick hearing health check for that added peace of mind.

Hearing protection

Hearing protection

Whether its for work or a hobby, our expert audiologists can help you find the perfect hearing protection solution to suit your individual needs.

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Tinnitus consultation

Tinnitus consultation

For those affected by tinnitus, we offer a free consultation to help you better manage your condition and reduce the impact it can have on daily life.

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Hear Now. Pay Later.

Hear every detail with the world’s best hearing aids, available on our payment plan. 10 monthly payments. 0% interest.

Hearing Aids

Hear More. Effortlessly.

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Hearing aid brands

With the world’s best hearing aid brands, such as Oticon and Phonak at our fingertips, we will help you find your perfect match!

Hearing aids packages overview.

Hearing care packages

Whether you want to spread the cost of your hearing aids into easy payments, or perhaps you’d like your care covered from the moment you walk in the door, at The Hearing Care Partnerhip we offer a range of care plans and a payment plan to suit you.

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Hearing aid fitting styles

Much like clothes, one style certainly doesn’t fit all, so at THCP we have hearing aids available in a range of fitting styles so you can find the right solution to meet your needs.

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Hearing health advice

Ask our hearing experts

Understanding your hearing health and knowing what to do can be difficult, but it shouldn’t be. At The Hearing Care Partnership we want to make it simple for you, with our handy FAQ’s about hearing and hearing loss.

For many, talking to a loved one about their hearing can be a daunting and difficult subject to approach. Conversations can often be met with dismissal or denial so it’s important to properly prepare yourself before approaching the subject. Plan what you would like to say, be compassionate and make sure you don’t use any acusatinal or aggressive language which may make the individual feel defensive. And remember to always remain positive, by addressing a hearing loss early, you can open up a world of sound and feel connected again, so it’s important to stress the benefits.

More tips on how to talk about hearing loss with someone

Most hearing losses occur gradually and can go unnoticed for some time so it’s important to know what signs to look out for.

  • Other peoples speech can sound mumbled.
  • You are often finding yourself asking people to repeat themselves.
  • You are having to concentrate more whilst listening to conversations.
  • You are listening to the TV or music at a volume that’s uncomfortable for others.

Other signs of hearing loss.

At The Hearing Care Partnerhip our hearing tests are fully comprehensive and completely free of charge not matter the length.

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