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At The Hearing Care Partnership, hearing tests are completely free. Our trained hearing care professionals are here to help – there’s no obligation to purchase hearing aids or use our ear wax removal service. Book your free hearing test today at one of our Newcastle locations today.

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Michael Offord Opticians, 7, Kingston Court, Kingston Park Ave,, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE3 2FP, UK

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What is a hearing test?

A hearing test helps determine if you have hearing loss, whether minor or more severe. At The Hearing Care Partnership, our free hearing assessments are easy and painless.

Your audiologist will ask about your lifestyle, go through your medical history, and perform a variety of tests – otoscopy, tympanometry, pure tone audiometry, and speech tests.

We’ll talk through your results with you, whether you need any treatment, and if hearing aids could be beneficial.

When was your most recent hearing test?

How often do you visit the doctor, dentist or optician? And when was the last time you had a hearing test? If it wasn’t recently, you’re not alone. But it’s just as important to visit an audiologist regularly.

Having regular hearing tests will help you keep your hearing healthy and will help us increase the chance of catching any irregularities early on, avoiding any further hearing decline.

This is particularly important if you’re over 50, as the risk of hearing loss rises to 40% in this age group. Increasing again to 70% in the over-70s.

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How much does a hearing test cost?

At THCP our hearing and tinnitus assessments are completely free. And there is no obligation to purchase a hearing aid or use our earwax removal service – even if we recommend these as further treatment. We’re simply here to help and advise what’s best for you!



Book a free hearing test at your local practice using our simple online booking system


Book a free hearing test at your local practice using our simple online booking system