Ear Wax Removal around Bedford

We offer an ear wax removal service in Bedford and the surrounding areas for a flat fee of £70 using the latest and safest wax removal methods.

A patient having ear wax removal appointment.


How we remove ear wax?

At The Hearing Care Partnership, we offer the latest, safest methods of wax removal. During your appointment, your clinician will choose the most suitable method for you based on your level of wax build-up, as well as the condition and position of earwax within your ear.

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The safest and cleanest way to remove ear wax from moderately blocked ears is the microsuction method. A probe is gently inserted then connected to a vacuum pump to suction out the excess wax from the ear canal.

A patient having manual ear wax removal.

Manual removal

If you only have a small amount of ear wax that’s built up near the entrance of your ear canal, manual removal is the best option. For this, a variety of tools may be used to safely remove wax from the ear canal.

An audiologist performing water irrigation on a patient for ear wax removal.


This is safer, gentler and more effective technology than the old “syringing” method.

With water irrigation, body temperature (37°C) water is used to flush debris out of the ear canal at a low pressure.

It’s ideal for removing larger quantities of ear wax.

How does the service work?

Before your appointment

For a week before your appointment, use oil or ear drops daily. This will help soften your ear wax and make it easier and more comfortable to remove.

At your appointment

Your clinician will have a quick chat with you to get a clear understanding of your ear health, and will be able to advise on which wax removal method will be most suited to you.

They will use a video device to allow you to see inside your ear for yourself, so you’ll be able to see a clear “before” and “after” any ear wax has been removed.

Finally, they will carry out a quick hearing health check to ensure your hearing is back to its best, or to find out whether further assistance may be required.

Ear Wax Removal banner with the price: £70.

How much does ear wax removal cost?

Our ear wax removal treatment is available for £70 for in-branch appointments with no extra hidden costs. That’s whether we have to remove ear wax from one ear or both ears.