Crewkerne – Meet your Audiologist

Dan Hill Hearing Aid Audiologist

Dan Hill

Dan trained as a Hearing aid audiologist in 2006. Since then he has spent his time working for both the NHS and as a director of Audiology in the private sector. During his childhood years Dan suffered with Eustachian tube dysfunction (a type of conductive hearing loss,) meaning he was required to wear a body worn hearing aid. Fortunately for Dan the Eustachian tube issues resolved themselves naturally with time. Meaning he is fortunate to have good hearing now.

“I am passionate about providing excellent customer service and individualised care. With The Hearing Care Partnership I have the opportunity to deliver the best possible hearing care service to each and every patient.

When I’m not testing ears, I spend my time with my young family and enjoy going outdoors, especially to the south coast for some kitesurfing.”