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Faisal Imran Hearing Aid Audiologist

Faisal Imran

Faisal began his career working in the NHS at his local hospital, as part of his training placement for his BSc degree in Healthcare Science. From the very beginning, Faisal starting building his knowledge and experience in everything from hearing aid repairs to patient care. He worked so hard that the hospital’s Lead Audiologist offered him a full time role just eight weeks into his training, which was previously unheard of for students on his degree course. Upon his graduation, Faisal was also awarded “Student Placement of the Year” to recognize his contributions to the hospital.

After completing his degree, Faisal then spent a further year working for the NHS, enjoying his time with both the patients and staff, before deciding to join The Hearing Care Partnership.

“One of the main reasons I decided to take a leap of faith and join THCP was the equipment, and the technology of the hearing aids at my disposal. I always felt that with the NHS we were somewhat restricted, but with THCP, we’re able to work with any manufacturer and use any hearing aid, which gives me all the tools I need to provide the best possible service to all my patients, and really make a difference to their lives!

"Since joining THCP, I’ve loved every moment of my job. All my colleagues are the friendliest people I’ve met; they really care about the patients but they care about the staff too. It’s fantastic coming from the NHS where patient-centred care was important, but THCP carries these same values even further to really provide tailored personalised care.”

In his spare time, Faisal enjoys going to the gym and generally staying as fit as possible! He also loves trying lots of different foods with family and friends, and spending time with his younger brothers. Come weekends, he’s a huge football (and Arsenal!) fan.

Mohammed Nabeel Hearing Aid Consultant

Mohammed Nabeel

Mohammed first discovered his passion for audiology in his early teens, after seeing how hearing loss affected his grandad, turning what was once a very active and sociable person to someone who was becoming quite isolated. It was from seeing the impact hearing loss could have on someone’s life first hand that spurred on Mohammed and set him on the path to research how he could help.

Mohammed went on to complete a BSc at De Montfort University in Leicester, completing his training at James Paget hospital in Great Yarmouth. Following his graduation Mohammed pursued a career in the NHS, and began working at Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust. During his time there he fitted thousands of patients with a range of complex hearing losses with NHS hearing aids.

Mohammed then got a job at Newcastle NHS trust as a locum audiologist. Working very closely with very highly skilled ENT consultants, Mohammed used this time to expand his skill set and clinical expertise, performing diagnostic hearing tests from children as young as 4 years old. Following his time at Newcastle, Mohammed wanted a change to enable him to deliver the best possible treatments to his patients which just wasn’t available in the NHS. That’s when he found The Hearing Care Partnership.

“I decided to pursue work in a private setting with access to state of the art technology to allow my patients to hear as best as possible with no limitations. This is what drew me to The Hearing Care Partnership. They provide more clinical testing during their consultations than what I would do during a routine NHS appointment. It was then I realised that THCP is the right company for me.

During my spare time I like to watch football, I am a big ' Manchester United' fan. I am also an avid gym goer, I try to keep fit as much as I can, going for runs in the countryside. I also like to read books and listen to podcasts. I am very interested in other people’s life experiences and to see others’ outlook on life.”