About Hearing Loss

Despite more than 11 million people living with hearing loss in the UK, the condition can be misunderstood as something that simply affects the ears. In reality, it affects physical, mental and emotional health and can change an individual’s whole life.

At The Hearing Care Partnership, we want to make it easier for people to understand hearing loss and the impact it has as part of our mission to help everyone live their lives to the full. So here are some frequently asked questions about hearing loss.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does hearing loss sound like?

How can we understand what it’s like to suffer from hearing loss? That’s exactly the question our video hopes to answer. Hearing loss doesn’t just mean that things get quieter, so our clinical experts teamed up with some clever microphone technology to bring hearing loss to life.

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What are the signs of hearing loss?

Recognising a hearing problem can be difficult because hearing loss, particularly age-related hearing loss, is usually a gradual process. If hearing loss is not addressed, the impact on a person’s quality of life can be significant, so it’s important to understand the key signs of hearing problems.

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How to talk to someone about their hearing

Do you feel a loved one may be trying to cope with hearing loss but is not keen to do anything about it? Although it can be extremely frustrating and difficult to discuss (for both parties), it’s important to talk about it. We’ve got some tips for raising the issue sensitively.

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What causes hearing loss?

Hearing loss, especially a sudden loss, can take you by surprise and leave you wondering ‘what happened?’. You should always go to you GP or audiologist with any symptoms of hearing loss, but here’s some key information on common causes of both sudden and gradual hearing loss.

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