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Faye Hall (BSc Hons RHAD MSHAA) Audiologist

Faye Hall (BSc Hons RHAD MSHAA)

Faye’s career started out within the world of optics, where she worked for over eight years before developing a keen interest in audiology. It was this interest which spurred Faye on to complete her BSc in Audiology at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge.

Since graduating Faye has worked in both the NHS and privately, delivering hearing care services to a range of patients. Faye herself experiences bouts of bothersome tinnitus and therefore has a vested interest in tinnitus management.

Joining The Hearing Care Partnership in 2021, Faye was excited to be able to spend more time with her patients to offer them the care and support they need.

“I feel incredibly honoured and proud to be part of The Hearing Care Partnership. For me, the greatest appeal was their push for the very best patient-centred care and provision of the latest, innovative technology. Unlike the NHS and other private market retailers, The Hearing Care Partnership allows audiologists the time and freedom to carry out in-depth videotoscopy, tympanometry, and speech testing alongside audiometry as standard. This unique set of tests creates a bespoke service and finesse I have not witnessed elsewhere.

Every patient deserves the best care and clinical excellence, and at THCP I feel I now have the time and equipment to help me fulfil this dream.”

In her spare time, Faye enjoys singing badly and playing her ukulele – no genre of song is off the cards, from country, pop, heavy metal to Bollywood. She says if your hearing is alright before she starts singing, it certainly won't be when she finishes.

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