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Sarah Cain (FDSc) Hearing Aid Audiologist

Sarah Cain (FDSc)

After graduating from De Montford University in 2010, Sarah went straight into a job with the NHS. During this time, Sarah was able to build on her clinical skills to help provide better care to her patients. After working across both the NHS and privately, she has learnt that each patient is an individual with their own needs and their care needs to be tailored to help them, and not the masses.

“I joined The Hearing Care Partnership as I will be able to work without any restrictions, to give my patients the best possible care and the best solutions for their needs. I am excited to deliver a personal client service with the most up to date equipment, and to have access to a variety of hearing technology. Most importantly, I am able to have the time I need to spend with a patient, to assess their needs and assist them in making the decision towards having better hearing.

Outside of work I am often found with my crochet or spinning wheel crafting another project.”